talking about niche japanese visual novels as if anyone knows what the fuck i’m talking about

i don’t have a brain i have a cranium full of alphabet soup and you can shake it up and sometimes generate a coherent thought

recruiting freya in my “amiya is a donkey girl” agenda

i play too many mobile games i’m gonna die soon

i’d only want to be called a trap in one instance and that’s where you think i’m hatsune miku irl but it turns out i’m not hatsune miku

augghugh i’m gonna be so busy at work today i’m not looking forward to it

i’m not being nostalgic for tumblr i just have brain worms

remember when tumblrblrblr posts weren’t about wanting to fuck alexander hamilton and we’re like “girl? i’m not a girl i’m the yawning void pockmarked by sharp teeth and purple contrails:)” bring that back

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