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who lives near cambridge, MA and wants to hang out with a bored stoner and try my shoom edibles


I love to be in Based consumer category. Unlike those in Cringe consumer category. My Amazon algorithm is Based.

uh oh you didn't use a tone indicator at your wedding!! now the groom knows you were just doing it ironically and is bailing on you in front of everyone. fucking embarassing get with the times you freak

these homos having sex on the parade floats (i've seen it, well my friend said her mother's co worker definitely saw it ten years ago) are indicative of a failure in moral society. all the violence in films is really getting to me as well, and the sex i mentioned is even on tv!!! what happened to those good, old-fashioned values on which we used to rely?

my art, bird site link 

it feels good, it feels like the start of a strong internet friendship too, but aahhahahahaa ahhh uh oh sisters the neurons are fighting again!!

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i wanted to sleep like 2 hours ago and instead i elected to talk some random internet goon down from the ledge

wehy do so many other trans have the same name as me (not listed for avoiding doxxing purposes) did i choose the Aiden of trans girl names

dude i want to kill myself so fucking badly this is not a joke

"men bad" posts are a fake issue get some fresh air. this post is to be considered null and void if a man is ever compared to episode 4 of gurren lagann

don't look up the malmuk sultanate flag. worst mistake of my life

traumagenic joke 

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