i love depression. i love interacting with my mom in any way and Feeling the will to exist be completely drained from me

i dont know. i'll think about it some more if i really want to get into it. i just feel safer here with a smaller circle of people who i genuinely trust

i've spent so long Not talking about it because i've been so scared of everyone deciding i'm an abject freak if i start talking about our experiences as a median system and its just.

i guess i'd probably have to cw some of this stuff too if i started talking about this. i'm not even really sure how exactly. urgh.

acxtually thinking about it the only people who Know i have this masto are people i love and trust. maybe i can finally talk about how actually fucked our life has been for the past uhhhhh five years. christ its been five years huh.

wish it was easier to condition myself to be less rude and grating but unfortunately i was more or less born this way and i Wish i could explain it

spears this website in the neck like my hunter gatherer ancestors

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