like i want a baby inside of me this fucking second and i'll pout my big dumb bimbo lips until someone does it.

it's week 2 of being back on estrogen and oh my god i want to get fucking knocked up so bad iw ant to cry

i have been like unquellably horny since moving in I've been SO deprived of being able to just cum freely that I'm honestly wishing somebody was here to take advantage of it/me =w=

Desperately hope watching tons of baseball makes me a dumb-as-bricks jock dyke personally

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massive awooga mommy milkers 

massive awooga mommy milkers 

taking my antidepressants regularly had Reawoken my impossible libido and I've ERPed in ffxiv for 3 nights straight

Genuinely want to have tantric sex to Mouth Dreams for some godforsaken reason.

"You don't feel quite yourself, you say? Well, you'll be feeling as well as I by the end of the day. So lean back and relax, and we'll have a good time! Hopefully by the end, you'll match my looks AND my penchant for rhyme!~"

Thinking about Shantottofication and getting unreasonably horny over it.

Anyway I hope you all enjoy the storyyyy I made this account cuz I was like "I'm gonna write so much horny microfic" and then didnt lol

glad to have used it for its intended purpose

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