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your thundering sound become the crowd the voltex the gotdam......

how that shit go?

fall out boy songs simply weren't meant to be heard un-nightcored

If I don't get to eat a Big Cartoon Meat On Bone soon im going to really cause some problems for all of you

I'm that corner hammock full of plushies type of horrible

there is only one true liminal space and thats when you're in the loading screen between song select and gameplay in a rhythm game and the menu music goes dead for just a second

I should be the ace person they pick to star in All or Nothing

the only genre of art I do is "Sparkledog 0.2 Seconds From Killing You"

"Nil isn't this regrettably late for halloween you've missed it by a whole week at this point?" What are you talking about tomorrow is halloween.

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@rubiline: Slop hat.
me: s... slop hat?
me: whats a slop hat?
ruby: *extremely pained voice* ...looks good.

me just now at @rubiline: "You ever hear a bitch cry into an autotune plugin?"

My mushrooms are going dormant for the season I understand people who don't like winter just a little now

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